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PlaceProps® Analytics

Audience measurement for the physical world. We help retailers, real estate professionals, out-of-home advertisers, and community planners achieve maximum return on investment for location-based decisions.

How It Works

The Proppers

A diverse panel of opt-in consumers contribute location data by running the PlaceProps app on their smartphones.

The Data

High-definition transit data quantifies when, how often, and how many consumers pass by or visit a given location.

The Results

The customer portal lets you specify the locations you care about, and gives you timely access to the results you need.

How We're Different

We understand that in location strategy, knowing where people go
is more important than knowing where they live.

Existing Data

  • Census Data
  • Aging, Stagnant Studies
  • Derivative Data
  • One Size Fits All
  • Expensive

PlaceProps Data

  • Proprietary Data
  • Current, Dynamic Analytics
  • Patented Technology
  • Made to Measure
  • Economical

What You Get

Our catalog of reports covers over 100 Seattle
neighborhoods and commercial zones.

  • Demographics

    Discover demographic differences between neighborhood/commercial zone residents and visitors

  • Transits By Day

    Distinguish the days of the week that attract the highest volume of activity

  • Transits By Daypart

    Identify the busiest parts of the day. For example, morning commute, afternoon shopping, or dining out/nightlife

  • Transit Types

    Determine whether potential customers are visiting or simply passing through

  • Direction of Transits

    Learn the direction from which individuals are coming and going, to take advantage of traffic patterns

  • Frequency

    Learn how often individuals travel through your neighborhood or commercial zone

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Privacy Beyond Expectations

We love our Proppers. We never disclose information that would personally identify them. PlaceProps is unique in paying our panelists biweekly for the data they contribute. This provides a conflict-free product for our customers, and for their customers as well.